symbol-sign-male-femaleI’ll admit, dating isn’t the easiest of things, nor should it be. You have the rest of you life to spend with “Mr. Right” so yes—I would say the challenge is worth it. I was fortunate enough for it all to happen before 30, but some of us have to spend a little more time in the dating pool and according to the creator the new app LuLu, which rates men in previous “relationships”, this new app is a necessary item to survive the whole dating scene.

As stated on their website, Alexandra Chung created LuLu because her girlfriends needed it. Then there is a picture of the founder who doesn’t appear to have a single physical flaw on her upper body. I find her “About us” a little overconfident in how “needed” she is by her friends…but even today what qualifies a “friend”? Centuries ago a friend was an individual whose company you enjoyed and it would later prompt you to attend parties with them, trade clothes and raunchy stories, and even buy them a birthday gift. Thus, the birth of the term: “friendship.” Today, a friend can be that or someone you “friended” on Facebook because you wanted to see more cute pictures of their Boston Terrier. So I’m sure you can understand my skeptical attitude when it comes to this gorgeous babe’s “friends” who “need” this LuLu app.

From what I can tell, this app allows you to connect through Facebook and either write a review on a past mate, or review a review of a potential one. There are questions like: “what is his best physical characteristic?” and “what is his worst quality?”…etc etc.

First of all, regarding physical appearances, I find this totally unfair especially since several individuals will probably review a guy on Lulu prior to going out on a date with them. There is a HUGE difference in the way I dressed on a first date than I would today with my husband. First dates are about courting someone. Many more things were plucked, straightened and applied back in the courting phase and that’s what the whole first date is about. It’s about actually buying a new dress and re-applying perfume before catching a drink with the hottie who asked for your number at the last party. I say skip the LuLu for first dates; if he doesn’t comb his hair and that’s a problem for you, at least you get a free drink out of it.

Second, since the explosion of social networks, there’s no avoiding the connection with the opposite sex via the internet. I’ll admit that MySpace and AOL chat were both HUGE communication outlets for me (Jivegal1) any my husband (C4tfi$h) as we hooked up, broke up and then made out a week later. So you can image how endearing I find it when someone actually meets someone at a grocery store or through a blind date set up by a friend. I mean, do we even know what each other are doing on the weekends unless we check our Twitter accounts?

I actually have a single friend currently “involved” with a gentleman whom she was set up with through a co-worker. I originally admired the charm behind the whole “old-school” start to the relationship until I learned that they emailed each other’s background and history prior to going on their first date. At least I enjoyed the first half…

Finally—and back with a little more focus on this LuLu app—don’t women know that this will ultimately result in a spiteful action from men everywhere? I don’t always play Devil’s Advocate, but I can smell this a mile away. Some dude-bro will probably not get a returned phone call from the hot little thing he went out with the weekend before and then will find out it’s because she read a review on LuLu about how he calls everyone his “hot little thing”. On a much higher level, this LuLu will ultimately result in the creation of a vengeful app called MuMu with an “About Us” that states: “Because my bros need to know what cows have found out what a jerk we are via LuLu.”

Remember that song “Pigeons” in response to “Scrubs” by TLC? There you go world. You’ve been warned.