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Who needs washboard abs when you have that grin?

Who needs washboard abs when you have that grin?

99.8% of (straight) American women would do anything for George Clooney short of committing a terrorist attack (and even that is debatable).  It’s no surprise that Clooney’s secret weapon to swooning a pack of females is his smile and apparently he isn’t the only one who is able to make women cave by flashing us his pearly whites.

According to the Daily Mail Online, a study by Granada University found that when males corresponded with females with a smile, women assumed a more submissive posture.

Growing up I remember getting in trouble more from my mom accusing me of being sassy not for what I said, but for how my delivery was; personal proof that women pay more attention to body language and to tone.

But can you smile too much?  Being a part of the PR/marketing/sales industry, you can’t seem to get away from smiling.  I also question grinning in politics. After mentally reviewing the presidential debates and my reaction to them, Mitt Romney’s grin was often and tended to linger, where as Obama’s was more of a reaction.  Is there a healthy medium to smiling at women to get the response you want? Maybe our president attended a social psych class teaching him about this study guaranteeing him the single female vote.  Can you blame him?

As someone who carries the manipulative gene (and chooses wisely how to use it), I’ll more observant of the next time my husband talks me into something.  He too has a pretty irresistible grin…and I’ve found myself being a little more agreeable lately.  All this time I’ve been blaming it on the holidays.

Stay tuned.