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Pop singer, Pink recently admitted in an interview with The Advocate that she sometimes solves her problems by having sex with her husband, Carey Hart.

I’m not being coy when I admit that, I normally solve a  problem with my husband by pouting and then making him go to the store to buy ice cream; sometimes giving him the power of choice when it comes to flavor depending on if the “problem” was him or not.

Then again, it’s possible (more than likely) that if I was married to Carey Hart and had the same 15-pack core that Pink has, I too would probably use sex to solve all my problems.

Also, I wouldn’t limit using sex to solve my problems with just my spouse.  Why stop there? Listed below are five problems or issues I faced last week where I wish I would have used sex to solve the problem, or at least had sex to make me feel better about the situation.

1. The new girl at work completely added triple the amount of work to my load because I have to watch and review everything she does causing me to stay at least 20 minutes late every day.
Solution: Take an extra 20 minutes at lunch to go home and squeeze in a quicky after a bite to eat.

2.  I want to record both the Real Housewives of NJ Reunion: Part Three and Dexter, but the hubby wants to watch Sunday Night football.
Solution: Offer to watch his program in the bedroom where there’s a separate DVR, spend 30 minutes playing football between the sheets, which should allow you to finish just in time to play back the Kim D. confrontation with Teresa.

3.)  I really “need” to purchase the black and tan topsiders to go with the new skinny jeans, but I’m too afraid of all the uncashed checks already floating around for bills.
Solution: Make a barter with the hubby.  You know what I mean 😉

4.)  Both my check engine light AND my oil light came on this weekend.
Solution: Yell at my husband for driving my (our) car like a jerk and then explain that he can not only take your car in to get serviced tomorrow, but for right now he can take you in for service-oooo la la!

5.)  Our washing machine broke.
Solution:  I’m too tired, call the landlord.

I guess it’s no mystery anymore how Pink and Hart keep their body fat percentage under 1%; I’m spent just from writing about so much lovin.