Having an (almost) two year engagement is something that I would recommend. It was perfect.  I had an extra Christmas bonus in between and also a extra tax refund that helped in my financial situation.

I don’t think much has changed since Jeremy proposed.  To say our engagement has “brought us closer” is redundant because I feel like I get closer to Jeremy every single day.  Since January 29, 2011 a few friends have moved away (don’t worry, you are still invited), Jeremy got a new truck, I’ve rearranged our kitchen cabinets twice and Jeremy has finally started locking the back sliding glass door when he leaves.

Today we are in full plan mode.  We finally paid off our venue for the reception and have a menu as well as an official time for “arrival, announcements and plating”. We are still in the process of paying off our wedding bands (worst time to buy gold. Ever.), tasting cakes and I have my invitations narrowed down to five options—I was at 23.




Wedding dress


Bridesmaids dresses


Groomsmen rentals


Picking out “our song”

Picking out “father/daughter dance”



Save the Dates

Wedding registry



Wedding favors


I can’t help but laugh when I think that I have 20 Moroccan lanterns sitting in our guest bedroom and I haven’t even sent out (or official decided on) wedding invitations.

Two things I think Jeremy and I learned is that Mens Warehouse associates do not advise wearing a suit to weddings (you should wear a tux) and second wedding registries take about three hours at Bed Bath & Beyond.

I’m pretty confident I can speak for both of us, but I just wish it would be here.  Not necessarily over, but I can’t wait for the moment when I am surrounded by friends and family holding a champagne flute in my hand knowing that we don’t have to go to work for an entire week and can focus on being each other’s spouse.  Because legally that’s what we will be; husband and wife.  Weird.