We are all guilty of taking someone with and “extreme” personality and applying it as an adjective to describe how someone else is acting.  If you are denying that you do this, I’d like for you to take a long trip down memory lane at your last “ladies night” and remember your slurring words towards your friend after she confided in you about her most recent threesome: “Gosh, that is so Samantha Jones of you.”  Don’t worry.  Your “friend” probably either responded (or thought to respond): “Sheesh, I’m hanging out with all ‘Charlottes’ these days!”

Today, we’ve all gotten so lazy to the point where we don’t want to think of various descriptive words so we just call someone a “Charlotte”: prudish, pretty, snobby…etc.

Earlier this week, I was chatting with a co-worker and I thought I should step outside of the Sex and the City box and I actually referenced another co-worker as a “Bethanny.”  At first, I thought she got my drift when she responded with: “is that Bethanny with one N or two?”  But I quickly realized she was just trying to be cute and didn’t have a clue about what or who I was referencing.

Who I was referencing was everyone’s favorite ex-NY housewife, Bethanny Frankel.  Who I was describing was this super loud, blunt and kind of crazy co-worker, but it was OK because she was cute.

You know the type; life of the party (or conference room), but are so distraught of the attention they are receiving. They are the types who fake a mobbing just to because they isn’t enough drama in the world. On he other side, how is this person so attractive to others?  Life is so much simiplier and yet guys and even yourself seems so drawn to her (or his) magnetic soul crush field.

There’s really no scientific answers to these questions, but the only think I can put together is that she’s probably easy…

I’ve witnessed several “Bethanny’s” in my life and I used to be a fan…these days, Bethanny “ever after” is really just about an emotionally unstable woman pretending to prend to be tough, but the episode always ends up with her crying on a couch.  It was fun the first episode, but I don’t know if I can handle it anymore on Bravo or in real life for that matter.