Christmas this year has been nostalgic.  My fiancee and I bought our first real tree together.  Both our mothers are allergic to real Christmas trees so neither of us have actually recognized the scent until the flood of memories smacked us in the face wen we  entered the Christmas tree tent at Lowes.  All the sudden I remember what my family’s home smelled like on Christmas in 1992.

This is not a picture of our tree...or fire place for that matter.

Considering it’s the Christmas before our wedding, we tried to be cheap this year, but in all honesty, I think I spent more this year than any other year…you know how that goes…

I learned how to bake this year.  OK, that’s a bit of an exaggeration.  I know how to bake, but I willingly came up with the idea to bake cookies and goodies for the family and actually executed the idea.  Gingerbread cookies; sugar cookies; rumballs (hit!); and fudge (not quite a hit…in fact, garbage).  All made from scratch.  In your face Betty Crocker’s “just add water”.

The last couple of years have been “out of the norm” for me having a family within the same county…or at least the same tri-county.  For years I worked two jobs and normally would skip out on traveling to see family so I could pick up an extra shift or two at work.  Christmas dinner would be Chinese takeout and left-over Christmas Ale and stale rum cake from the party I threw the week before.

The last couple of years have been surrounded more around traditional happenings.  Jeremy and I go to church on Christmas Eve, hit up some bar afterwards, open one present when we finally get home. Then Christmas morning we wake up and do presents and mimosas and later we have Christmas dinner at his aunt and uncle’s house.

While I’m sure our “traditions” around Christmas will continue to change and mold into “our Christmas” over the next few years, I’m pretty content with what we have going on.

Merry Christmas, y’all!