It’s the middle of fall, and in SW Florida (today, October 19th) it finally feels like Fall. I’m not sure how long it will last, but the nostalgia is back and I’m ready to break out the cute colored tights, boots and pumpkin ale!

On another note, here’s what’s in my purse:

-Wallet with my new Driver’s License, which in FL you have to renew when you turn 26.
-Vampire blood-or what’s left of it from Zombicon-my friend and I went as Thelma and Louise.  Classic.
-That post it is a lunch order from today.  My boss’s birthday is on 10/18 and we all chipped in to buy him lottery tickets…he won $100!  Thus, he bought us all lunch which was nice.
-I’m also carrying sanitizer these days.  Tis the season for illness.
-Yes, that is halloween candy…I bought a 5 pound bag for $10…and then ate like 4 pounds of it-whoops.