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White Zinfadel, Arbor Mist and Wine Coolers.

I never thought of myself as a someone who could “aquire a taste” for Jack and Cokes.  It took me years to even touch rum and even longer to actually enjoy the taste of a good vodka martini.

I guess it’s an age thing.  If you would have asked me my top five favorite drinks between the age of 18-23 my list would look something like this:

1.) Madras
2.) Cranberry/vodka (heavy on the cranberry)
3.) Peach Arbor Mist
4.) White Zinfadel
5.) Bud Light (only if nothing else is available)

Hundreds of calories later you were wasted and making out with your best-guy(or girl)-friend on the couch followed by two hours of puking in the toilet and eventually later waking up on the bathroom floor face down in a big puddle of regrets.  Yes, that is your new $100 jacket from mom and dad with someone else’s vomit on it. Or wait-is that smell pee?  This slightly (exactly) resembles my last tango with Arbor Mist.

I was reminded of these days (aka college) last week standing in line at the local grocery store.  I was picking up some eggs and milk like a good lil fiancee and it was one of the few times I was strong and didn’t even look at the wine isle.  Two girls were in front of me; both clearly college students which can be decided on the amount of ways they can use the word “bitchin” and “rad”.
*Apparently “rad-tarded” is a new way of saying “cool” or “awesome”. 

One of the girls had a bottle of Arbor Mist and the other had chips and Oreos and other snack items (another clear indication these chics were in college). You remember how that goes.  The one who just had their 21st birthday or has a fake ID buys the booze and the other buys the food and is responsible for the outrageous lie to tell any cashier, cop or parent who questions their motives with the booze.

Then things get awkward. The cashier ID’s BOTH OF THEM. I guess Sweet Bay has really stepped up their part in the fight against underage drinking.  The girl who is clearly underage starts to explain this whole story of how they are going in separate directions and they came in two different vehicles, because let’s face it, that is the most traditional story to go with.

How do you know someone is lying?  They get really really loud, start repeating the same thing over and over again and then they start using their hands…a lot.  We’ve all been there.

The cashier is probably 20-30 years older than the girls whereas the bagger is approximately the same impressionable age as the two customers.  You can tell both are overwhelmed by the response by their constant glances at each other. They are particularly being thrown off by the multiple uses of “bitchin” and “rad” mixed with the escalation in the volume of this underaged girl’s voice.

I, on the other hand, just want to pay for my damn milk and eggs and I’m strongly reconsidering a trip down the wine isle.

Eventually (as to be expected) the cashier gives in.  The girl with the ID leaves first because that is just how it works, and the other girl, who has gotten much quieter, soothes the cashier by reconfirming her that she’s being picked up by someone else hoping that her further explanation somehow soothes the cashier that she somehow “did the right thing”.

Of course, this all occurs within a five minute timeframe, but as a witness to this incident (if you can call it that) reminded me so much of our much effort goes into these sort of situation. Naturally, 21 will eventually come around and these two will also one day realize that fighting so hard for Arbor Mist was really just not worth the effort. They’ll tell the story for a year or two and it will be funny. Then they’ll finally stop talking about it because it involves Arbor Mist and it just becomes embarrassing.

So, beyond this random Wednesday evening, I did find a recipe for what to do if you have a party and a bunch of kids show up with White Zinfadel. Courtesy of The Hairpin, you can always use this recipe to make White Zin Faux-Margaritas.

Today my pallet has changed and I have a whole new top five list which I would like to put up in case anyone wants to buy me a drink the next time they “bump into me”:

1.) Vodka martini with three olives (preferably stuffed with blue cheese)
2.) Vodka-soda with a lime
3.) A shot of vodka
4.) Jack and coke
5.) Bud light (if nothing else is available…or there’s a deal on pitchers/buckets).