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…and so do I!

Did anyone else get a glimpse at Part One of the Real Housewives of NYC Reunion?  It was AWFUL!

I’m always particularly uncomfortable when it comes to the NYC housewives.  I’m not sure why, but I often find myself watching for five minutes and then having to change the channel real quick for a sec.  I always go back, but I just get this weird unease during my trance while watching the Real Housewives. I never seem to have any problems with the other reunions.  I guess you can’t really take OC and New Jersey too seriously…and for some reason the ATL gals seem to usually keep their composure.

It seems like everyone is at everyone else’s throat.  Right now it’s the blondes versus the brunettes, but even the newest housewife, Cindy (a brunette) has beef with just about everyone.  She even snapped at fellow brunette, Luanne: “Don’t you tell me what to do either.”

I think this season we all saw a little bit of the alcoholic Ramona come out, but at least that justifies how crazy she is. I’m still not sure how or why or where Kelly’s crazy behavior comes from.

After the one-hour of bitching New Yorkin program, the after show with Andy Cohen just confirmed how even the guy who seems like the coolest, laid back man on TV does in fact have a boiling point.  Neil Patrick Harris aka NPH aka Doogie Howser definitely described the real women of the Big Apple as loud, bickering bitches and even got personal by describing Alex as “Frankenstein-ish”.

“NPH really can do it all!”