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Pictures were finally released of the newest crowned jewel of the Beckham family: Harper Seven.

Mr. & Mrs. Perfect

As if this child has any choice but to be beautiful? When your mom is notorious for her sense of fashion and that incredibly svelte figure and your dad is the heart-throb of every woman young an old, you have hit the gene pool lottery. And there is NOTHING you can do about it, even if you are a Beckham.

To add to the perfect looks of “Becks and Posh”, they seem to be the perfect couple. Below are the first pictures of little Harper, taken from People.com.

As if women didn't swoon over him already, Mr. Perfect shows his softer side with "Daddy's Little Girl"

I hope Becks has several guns because if this little angel grows up to look anything like her mother, he’s going to have his hands full. I guess it’s a good thing she has three older brothers to “take care of business.”



As if she wasn't already "Mrs. Perfect"--check out those eyelashes!


I know all newborns look the same, and there is no way to tell already if this baby is gorgeous, but look at her mother post birth–think that’s any sort of hint?



Congratulations to the power couple, men everywhere have started the countdown until little Harper is legal.