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Say goodbye to the days of carrying your Chihuahua around as an accessory ala Paris Hilton or Britney Spears and hello to animal inspired jewelry.

I recently succumbed to this fad when I purchased (in the same trip) an owl ring as well as a pair of peacock earrings. However, as I started to look in other boutiques, the animal accessories are everywhere.

I’ve included a few affordable options here for those who are interested in adding to their collection:

Available at Forever 21 $4.80

I’m not a huge fan of Forever 21 for clothes, simply because the quality is never as good as I hope, however, their accessories are fabulous.

When it’s called “costume jewelry,” you must accept the quality as so.

This Cheetah Ring from Forever 21 is the perfect addition to your hand for a night out with the girls. Who’s the cougar now, ladies?

Perfect for date night or a mid-afternoon trip to the grocery store, these

Available at Urban Outfitters $12.00

elephant earrings provide the perfect combination of stylish yet simple.

The detail of the animal itself is enough to draw the eye to the ear when wearing these.

These are only available online at UrbanOutfitters so act fast, they are sure not to last.

Last but not least on my animal adventure is a necklace available at one of my very favorite websites, Etsy.com.

If you aren’t familiar with Etsy, I suggest you take most of your afternoon to familiarize yourself with this wonderful community of artists where everything is handmade.

The necklace below is offered by Marolsha in Singapore. The antique style bronze chain holds a petite squirrel and his amber nut. Sure to make you smile when you wear it, the adorable accessory is only $21.50.

Available at Etsy.com $21.50