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Belonging to a gym or fitness club can get pricey.  Say you’ve got a $40-a-month membership and you go about three to four times a week (if you are a good girl).  After buying a bottle of water pre workout ($3), and then a protein shake post workout ($7), that bill can easily add up to $200 monthly.

So what if you want to take a month or two (or 12) off from competing over the 15-pounders with the other meat heads?

Here are a few items that are simple, cheap and a great way to get the heart rate up and stay toned (or get toned).

Start your morning with a mini cardio session.  15-20 minutes jumping some rope before breakfast will wake you up and get you starting your day refreshed using Valeo Fitness jump rope from Sears: was $9.99 is now $7.59.


Being at work for 40 hours a week can be stressful, which is often why you cave to the company pizza party, or munching on those cupcakes your assistant brought in for Boss Appreciation Day.  Sitting behind a computer eight hours a day can often make your butt fall asleep, but you also cannot help but notice that your butt is filling out.  So spice up your office a bit with this Gaiam Balance Ball Chair.  Now your butt has no where to go, but this chair will also keep your core in check.

Was $99.99, is now $74.95

For the next few hours after work, you find yourself winding down.  This is where the cravings kick in.  Chinese takeout with several glasses of wine sounds like just the topper you need after your stressful day.  So before the delivery man hits your door, earn it with this 20 minute pilates video by Windsor for only $4.97!


While you can’t avoid the gym forever, these are some great items that may serve great when you are taking a break in between jobs or around the holidays.