It’s no secret that baby killer, Casey Anthony, is now considered the most hated woman alive.  The non-convicted baby killer will probably be making her millions through book deals, guest interviews and the release of multiple never-before-seen pictures of the little tot she murdered, two year old Caylee Anthony.

The 2008 murder of this child left thousands without answers as did the “not guilty” verdict presented yesterday by the jury of 12 average Americans.

And as for the majority of us pop culture/Law and Order obsessed Americans, we are pretty angry at how this whole case ended up.  We as a public want to know who Caylee Anthony’s father is, how/when did Casey murder her daughter, and did George Anthony have an affair with River Cruz aka Crystal Halloway aka eager volunteer?

Unfortunately, these are probably all questions we’ll  ask ourselves for as long as we all will ask why Nancy Grace’s eyebrows bend the way they do.  Sadly, we all already know the truth, but will never have the answers confirmed in a court of law.

Some have reached a new low point accusing the jury of being “bad people”. The jury who haven’t been paid in over a month, drank in over a month, been home before 5pm in over a month or had a day off in over a month.  But the truth remains, that the jury was made of 12 average Americans in which some of them had DUI’s, one had a weird black sheep sibling who hit their mom and another dropped out of college.

If you ask me, the jury did a job I could never do.  I’m sure that all 12 felt Casey Anthony was guilty, but none had the angible evidence that solidifed the case.  The prosecution reached to high into the stars and should have gone for manslaughter and built their case of Anthony delaying the investgation of the kidnapping; she was found guilty of those counts.  Aw, if only I were queen for a day!

The whole outcome is pretty sad, but I truely have as much faith in the justice system.  Almost as much faith as I have in Casey Anthony doing one of the following:
1.) killing herself
2.) being murdered by Nancy Grace in the flesh or via hitman
3.) Anthony participating in a burglary at gun point, OJ Simpson style evidentually screwing herself for life

I truely look forward to all other Law and Order nerds like myself to further discuss/comment.