Aww, THE BUFFET.  America’s excuse to slap on some fat pants and make multiple rounds to the dessert table without judgment.

It’s the last Friday of the month, and man, has it been a long month!  So let’s celebrate by embracing the nation’s obesity problem and eat.  This week’s eye candy is The Buffet.  Let’s face it—since Monday you’ve been working really hard and rewarding yourself with low fat fiber bars and multiple hours at the gym (I only made it twice this week).

You can grin about your good behavior all you want and pretend that “life’s good” and you’re “used to it.”  You are starving and you (we) know it!

So whether you are looking for an excuse to use that coupon from Golden Corral, or if you decide to opt the salad bar at a local restaurant.  Don’t forget to make several rounds to the deli first and then another to the dessert cart.  Does anyone really make multiple stops to the fruit/salad section?