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Pay day, the long-awaited day for most….now the decision comes of what to spend the check on. Bills? Too boring. Groceries? Too usual. Girls night out? Too obvious.

This pay-day, use part of that check for each of the above…but also put some aside to purchase two CDs. I can’t tell you the last time I actually went to the store and bought a CD. Since the days of iTunes, store bought music is all too far and few between. However, I absolutely recommend laying down the green for Adele’s two CDs: 19 & 21 (each named for her age during production).

The Brit’s popular single “Rolling in the Deep” has flooded airwaves nationwide. Even the latest Nike Women Campaign uses this song in their commercial. But since listening to both CDs in their entirety, Rolling has fallen down the ranks as Adele’s best song. Most known? Yes. Best? Absolutely not.

While writing this blog, I tried to think which CD would be best fit for this week’s Pay-Day Priority, but I couldn’t come up with a favorite between the two. Each deserves a listen as well as a purchase. Not since the likes of Norah Jones has an artist with that soulful, jazz-like voice breached the musical industry with such taste and timeless talent. Twenty years from now, both of these albums will still be listenable. We can’t really say that for many of today’s artist.

So tomorrow, while you’re out and about with some extra cash in the pocket, stop into your nearest record store. 19 & 21 are surely waiting.