We are going to start forcing ladies to empty their purses and confess to us what’s in them.  And yes, we will be judging you!

A what better way to kick off these Purse Confessions than with our very own editorial writers, Penny De Luca and Trish the Dish.

When I first asked Penny to unload the goods I remembered her enormous sack from a few weeks ago when we were driving to the beach on a mini vaca, but I thought…eh, she’s probably got a magazine, keys, maybe some lotion or tampons…

Man, was I in for a shock:

Good God, is that a spark plug?!

On the opposite end…is the minimalist, Trish the Dish.  I took a picture on Tuesday and realized how pathetic the collection was…so I tried again the next day by adding reading glasses.  I don’t think it helped.

I took a pic of my purse and all I got was the realization that my white purse is made for old people and slightly looks like a vagina.

Purse vagina.


The truth behind a purse jumper. Only hold the necessities.