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I finally realized yesterday that I’m closer to 30 than 20…and boy did it hit me hard.

A leisurely lunch hour left me perusing the likes of Talbots (which should have been a clue in and of itself that I’m getting older). I find myself no longer heading straight to Forever21 or the Junior’s section of major department stores but to  Banana Republic and Ann Taylor.

Feeling the need to ‘dress my age’, yesterday I purchased a pair of shorts that I would never be caught dead in if I was three years younger. These in “Nantucket Navy” have now made a home in the shorts drawer of my dresser. Standing in the dressing room I realized, I’m not purchasing “short” shorts anymore, I’m looking for mid-thigh shorts. What has happened?

I immediately went home and threw on a strappy tank and short workout shorts to make me feel young again.