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Once a year people come together in a little town called Alys Beach to experience a revolutionary art show by the name of Digital Graffiti.

I had the pleasure of attending the 4th annual event this past weekend. Unfortunately, the organization of the show left a little to be desired (every ‘bar’ that was set up ran out of drinks early on and there were few bathrooms available). Regardless of the poor organization, the artwork was extraordinary.

2011 Best in Show & my personal favorite

Alys Beach is a quaint beach ‘town’ where all of the buildings and houses are stark white. Artists from all over the globe submit their pieces for display and the committee decides which to showcase. The ones that are chosen are projected on the buildings, Alys Beach becomes a blank canvas for the chosen artists.


The pieces are anything from a short that can be viewed on YouTube to an incredible display of CGI effects.



There is no other art show like this, it is definitely a Scene to be Seen.