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I’ve been shaving for about fifteen or sixteen years now, constantly striving to get those silky smooth gams like I got on the very first shave. But no matter how hard I try, nothing compares to that first shave.  As women, we all want our legs to be irresistibly touchable, thus meaning shaving every single day with a brand new razor, or spending the money to get them waxed.

 Simply because I’m not a huge fan of having hairy, or even ‘prickly’ legs (I blame it on my sensitive skin) I pull out the old razor at least every other day…but still don’t have perfectly smooth legs. Hairless, yes. Always smooth, no.

 So last week, mid-shave, it happened. I had half of one leg done when my ‘trusty razor’ broke into four different pieces. Granted, I’ve had this razor for several years and with shaving every other day, it has definitely gotten some wear and tear. So I did what every  logical girl would do, I grabbed my guy’s razor, put a new blade on it, and kept going (after a minor freak out, I might add).

I could not believe my fingers–his razor gave me the silkiest, smoothest, want to cover them in gravy and sop it up with my tongue legs. Where in the world has this thing been hiding all these years? Talk about an urban secret!

I promise you, if you want silky smooth legs EVERY DAY, use a male razor. Mach 3, Mach 4, Gillette, it doesn’t matter. So ladies, tomorrow morning, grab your guys’ razor and put it to the test. Or, if you’re flying solo, buy one. Use it. You won’t believe the difference. I promise!