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Last week I had the pleasure of spending my days in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado. If you’ve been there, you understand the beauty…if you haven’t, it’s a must see. (There will be a future post on this area of the country soon).

One of my favorite parts of traveling is the airports. The people-watching is incomparable. During one of my layovers last week, I had four hours to do some ‘people-watching’ and it gave me a new appreciation for those gallant men who fly us from city to city: The Airline Pilot.

I know as much as you do that every woman sweats over a man in uniform, but the Pilot is often overlooked. How often do we really see this man in everyday life? Sure, we see the Fireman, Policeman, the American Soldier on a daily basis…but how often do we get to appreciate the valiant efforts of The Airline Pilot.

Tom Cruise in Top Gun, it doesn't get any sexier

During said layover, I was on the tram going from one concourse to the other and had the pleasure of standing across from a pilot (I couldn’t tell you for which airline, I was too busy staring at the chiseled jaw and sculpted biceps). Why has no one told me how incredibly sexy these men are? There he stood with his coat in hand, luggage beside him, and hat aligned perfectly on that masterpiece of a head…stoic as he was, I couldn’t stop staring. Unfortunately, a gorgeous wedding band comfortably slept on his left hand, regardless, he had more sex appeal that I expected.

I’m sure part of our “obsession” (per se) with the ‘men in uniform’ is the connotation it gives: strong, courageous, etc. Each of these men have a duty: to save our lives, if need be. Talk about Prince Charming!

So the next time you’re departing the plane, look up at the man whose had your life in his hands…I expect you will find a new appreciation for him too.