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We can’t help when we were born. So for all those annoying “friends” of ours who think that we are babies because of a mere 3-5 years difference in age, just because I was only 10 in 1995, doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy Empire Records or any other cult-classic movie from the 1990’s.

One weekend-one really boring weekend, I managed to take some time out of my schedule and squeeze in a movie marathon of classics (I was able to pencil it in between brewing my second pot of coffee and procrastinating doing some laundry).  I finally watched Gone with the Wind and An Affair to Remember.  Two of the longest, most romantic movies of all time.  When evening approached, I fast forwarded to 60 years later and stumbled across a high school favorite of mine: Empire Records.  I used to love that movie!  I can remember being in middle school and then in high school sitting at my bestfriend’s house smoking cigarettes and having contests on who can make their voice higher than Renee Zellweger’s while we watched our favorite movie over and over again.

Photo via guestofaguest.com

Being in my mid-twenties and able to enjoy the movie without the giant smoke cloud surrounding me on top of the poor quality of the VHS tape, nostalgia kicked in as soon as Rory Cochrane’s character, Lucas spoke.  All those cute little fuzzies in my belly arose as I remembered how in love I was with that sarcastic kind of weird music nerd-guy who always wore black turtle necks.

By the end of the movie, I literally said out loud that Empire Records was still my favorite movie.  It got me thinking about all the other great 90’s movies that I used to love, but never watch over and over again like I used to as a puberty-stricken pup.  Would I still love them?

At that moment I challenged myself to really take some time to revisit my youth and force myself to make time (aka have more boring weekends) and force myself to abuse Netflix and fill up my que with awesome movies I enjoyed between 13-17 years old.

The next time my fiancee logs into Netflix he is in for a treat!

The Witches-1990, scariest movie when I was a kid.  It’s taken me about 15 years to try and watch this movie again!  I had the books.
ReservoirDogs-1992, in fact I’m just going to watch every Tarantino film in one day.  It’s been done before.
The Crow-1994
Swingers-1996 “Vegas, baby! Vegaaas!”
The Birdcage-1996
Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion-1997
10 Things I Hate About You-1999
and finally: Every Kevin Smith film with would put me into the 2000’s so many that would  be better to save for a different weekend.
Clerks-1994, Mallrats-1995,  Chasing Amy-1997, Dogma-1999