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At the ripe age of 25, I think the closest I’ve gotten to a girl fight was probably my freshman year of high school. I walked by one of the “preps” (see the official Preppy Handbook) talking made “junk” about my mom who was a school faculty member.  I think it was one of the only times I had bought lunch…on top of that it was one of the only times I started drinking my milk in the front of the line because as I walked by this nasty lady, I heard a nasty word exit that bitche’s mouth and I simply took my milk and dumped it all over her pretty Pantine Pro-v’d head.

Today, I don’t particularly see myself getting into a girl fight, but I can’t help but indulge in a good episode of The Bad Girls Club, or hang out with my best friend who loves getting into a fight after taking a few Red-headed Slut shots. So here is a compiled list of (some pretty good) reasons to get into a girl fight that has been approved by other girls.

1.)  Should a guy call you and your ladies lesbians because you refuse to pay attention to them.

2.)Should a girl call you and your ladies lesbians because you receive too much attention on the dance floor.

3.)  A girl confronts you for her boyfriend hitting on you.

4.)  Someone steals one of the following: your drink, your purse, your man.  Yes, in that order.

5.)  Someone calls you fat.

6.)  Someone calls your best friend fat.

7.)  Someone proceeds to get violent with a bottle of Hennessey, a car, or pet chiwawa.

8.)  Ms. or Mr. Self-Righteous strikes a conversation. 
It’s towards the bottom of the list because it’s not necessarily a good reason to fight, but it has been agreed on by multiple women that the self-righteous who overly judge you on watching Sex and the City, or hate you because you eat meat, just suck and should be taken out.

So while guys always approve of a good girl fight or girl-initiated fight, here are eight girl-approved reasons to roll up your sleeves and let that asshole or bitch have it.  Go get ’em!