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Greeting cards, we’ve all recieved at least on in our lifetime, and eventually they get thrown away.

According to Hallmark, more than 141 million cards are sold on Valentines Day, and V’day is only known as the second largest card-giving day in the US. This puts the number one spot as Christmas and the number three as Mother’s Day, according to the “experts” at Yahoo Answers.

As spring begins to turn into summer, we find ourselves right smack in the middle of Mothers Day and Fathers Day, and greeting cards are flying off the shelves at local grocery and drug stores. Originally, I always thought of greeting  cards as a cop-out, but the older I get and more bills I have to pay on my own, I realize that getting a card is actually one of the most convenient and thoughtful things you can do in any situation.

There are typically two scenarios that call for a greeting card.  The first is the “expected” scenarios .  Birthdays, Mother’s and Fathers Day, Christmas, etc.  The second cinerio is the “thoughtful” scenarios.  These situations are typically “Thank You” cards, “Get Well Soon” cards or “Just Thinking of You” cards.

Some specific instances fall into a little be of a gray area between expected and thoughtful situation. For instance after weddings, you should expect to send a Thank You card or else your great Auntie Anne may activate the bomb she planted in the china she bought for you.

I think this year I’ve got a whole new perspective on greeting cards.  For one, I procrastinated on the delivery of a Mother’s Day card so I ordered flowers instead.  $50 later with a huge headache from the florist, I learned my lesson and set up a email reminder of when to get a card for next year.  Secondly, I received just a thoughtful card this morning from a good (best) friend reminding me of what an awesome reunion we had the weekend before.  I have to admit-it was a great way to start of the morning!

So as I close, I learn to lose the judgment on my birthday when a friend of a friend buys me some card because they (probably) forgot to get a gift.  After all, they probably spent at least 10-15 minutes hand selecting that card.  Then again, no promises if the card sucks and says $0.99 on the back.