There’s a Sex and the City episode where Samantha Jones dumps out the contents of her purse during brunch and nothing but condoms and lipgloss falls out.  Obviously after witnessing this, many would assume and be right

on target about the type of woman Samantha is.  But what about other ladies’s purses?

I was pretty surprised after cruising online to see what everyone else totes around in their  purse.  I found tons of lip glosses, keys, glasses, pens, gum, etc.  I also found very few feminine products.  No wonder it’s so hard to find a tampon when you’ve switched purses for the week…no one is carrying them around these days!

I also found it strange how many weird objects more and more women are carrying around in their purse. I found evidence of everything from 35-mm vintage cameras, to plush toys…and even a copy of Catcher in the Rye.  Hopefully all those Cosmopolitan Magazine quizzes deeming “you are what’s in your purse” aren’t completely true because if I’m going to lay judgement on the above listed contents, I’d put together a shy child molester who is obsessed with “the classics.”

As for myself, I always scored pretty low on the purse personality quiz.  I like to keep things simple and carry around the necessities, but I always keep a good lip balm.  I guess that makes me simple, necessary and kissable.