I don’t do this often, but yesterday I made a (non-work related) “TO DO” list.  Most of it involved preparing for a weekend trip, but some are just daily things I added so that library books got returned on time, the electric bill got paid and certain people had clean shirts to wear while I was away.

On this list, I finally decided to buckle down and get a pair of all-around black sandals.  I’m not talking about some comfortable Reef’s or some crazy six-inch strappy high heels; what I am looking for is something a little more universal, which makes the matter a little more complex.  I need something that would be perfect to wear to work, throw on for cocktail hour, but also easy to slip on to take out the trash.  Sounds easy, right?  If only you knew how many times I’ve stood in front of the Size 8 aisle saying the above sentence over and over again…

When shoe shopping, there are just so many rules that you have to abide by.  I know it sounds a little neurotic to discuss “dos” and “don’ts” of shoe shopping, but if you can’t on Skirt Issues, where can you?

Shopping for the perfect black sandal is a lot like shopping for the perfect black cocktail dress or the perfect nude purse.  What you are basically shopping for is that one item that you are going to wear over and over again will multiple outfits, so you better get it right.

What you don’t want is a pair of black heels that put you at a solid 5’7, because lets face it, wearing heels and while taking out the trash is just trashy (bum dum).  A flat is definitely in order if you want to keep the universality of the shoe.

To Do List

Here's an actual copy of my To Do List

You also want to avoid a a pair of shoes your grandmother would wear.  Anything made totally out of rubber or  containing Velcro straps is an immediate sign that that shoe should be left on the aisle to die…or be shipped to a local Goodwill.

I think today the best way to go is the good ‘ol gladiator sandal.  I probably have a gladiator in just about every color but black or brown.  They are simple, but get fancier and fancier with every strap and buckle that is added to the shoe.

The great thing about this trend is if you avoid Nordstrom or Gucci, you can find these shoes at a relatively low price.  I’ve (personally) given myself a budget of $25-40.

Kohls is selling Candies for $39.99 and I’m absolutely LOVING these sandals from Designer Studio, where you can buy the “perfect sandal” for only $10!

Where did all these options go every other Friday when I hit the shoe store?!  Guess I’ll be internet shopping for the next decade.