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It’s no hidden secret that I am not the craftiest gal in the kitchen, and whenever I do try to cook a “lovely meal for two”, I’m often bombarded by my beau who is a total kitchen slut.  However, I think this year I’m going to strategically plan and execute the perfect Cinco de Mayo dinner with some much needed assistance from my trusted sidekick: The Internet.

Cowboy Caviar

This dish is also known as my good friend, Faith’s “Texas Caviar”.  She brings this dish it to just about all of our parties and it’s turned into a desired dish among all (two) of my vegan friends.  It’s also a fave when it comes to everyone else, but we-at least-are able to eat ground beef tacos with sour cream.


I recently had a Mexican house fiesta where I centered my drinking primarily around margaritas.  After trying to concoct several recipes, I learned that four margaritas is enough to make you feel like your teeth are rotting and also to stick to the basics. Mango margaritas with crushed mint salt and vanilla extract was not as great as it sounded.  In fact, it was gross. Whether you are taking the easy route and buying the Margaritaville Mix (my vote), or making it yourself, both recipes are easy and equally delicious.

To make the mix from scratch, just combine one 6-ounce can of lime aid, 6 fluid ounces of tequila and 2 fluid ounces of Triple Sec with some crushed ice.  And then blend.


I recently had a sample of a new beverage called: The Beer Margarita.  If you aren’t feeling the sweetness of the classic margarita, or if your lame party host was light on the tequila, go for the beer margarita, but consider yourself warned, because that shit will fuck you up. Be sure to have a non-beer margarita indulging buddy or you may wake up naked on some abandoned school bus in a cemetery across town.

Fish Tacos

This is about the moment when I’m side swiped the kitchen slut.  We both love tacos, so much so, we have dedicated several Wednesdays in a row to cooking various types of tacos.  This is what we like to call “Taco Wednesday”, and yes I do often wear a hat for the occasion.

Lately, we’ve been indulging in soft chicken tacos, but since I’m the chef for the evening and my favorite is fish tacos, I’m going to turn to Bobby Flay’s recipe (when in doubt turn up the heat).  It’s selfish, I know but I’ll make it up to him later.

Elephant Ears

I remember making these in elementary school.  Cinnamon breaded, fatty fried tortillas. Oh so delicioso! I never knew there were a Mexican pastry until I lived next to a Mexican bakery a few years back.  I love Mexican bakeries.  The smell of the fresh bread and thick mudded coffee are the two greatest smells on a Saturday morning!

I’m sure I’ll be starving by the time it even comes to making the dessert, so I found this quick recipe that promises to have these tasty delights in my mouth in under 30 minutes.

This dessert is also cheap! It calls for 1.5 cups of sugar, 2 teaspoons of ground cinnamon, oil for frying and 7-inch tortillas.  I think we just so happen to be short of cinnamon, so it looks like I’ll only be spending an extra $2 for this dessert.  Can’t afford to not afford and skip this treat!