As someone who has been proposed to, I know and fully understand that NO ONE will ever top a lady’s personal proposal.  However, I have discovered a top five list of proposals who came pretty damn close.

Here are the runner-ups!

1.) Up High and in the Lights

Donald Trump’s original apprentice and America’s new “Mr. Chicago”: Bill Rancic swept his wife, Giulianna DePandi off her feet (or off the ground) by getting her into a helicopter and asking the big question over the holiday lights of Madison Avenue.  How could ANY woman reject the questions around the holidays…over one of the biggest towns in the US…from the man who is known as “Mr. Chicago?”

2.) It’s All Part of the Job, Ma’am

So Michael isn’t a celebrity, but his proposal to his (future wife) Leslie is more romantic than anything I’ve heard coming from Brad Pitt or Leo DiCaprio.  Michael, an employee of GOOGLE, proposed to his bride by tracking down the GOOGLE Street View Van by holding up a sign asking for his special lady to marry him.

3.) Icy Romance

I think Seal is known for over exaggerated cliche romantic gestures.  Insert image of a beautiful black man singing “Kissed by a Rose” with his unbuttoned shirt flapping in the wind.  So it’s no wonder his proposal to supermodel hottie, Heidi Klum, was over the top.  Apparently Seal popped the question to the leggy blonde in a custom-built  igloo on top a 14,000 foot glacier.  As if Seal didn’t have enough to brag about!

4.) W_LL   _ _U   M_ RR_   M_?

Turns out Jon Stewart is more than just a funny political commentator. Stewart whipped out the big ones when he called a “personal friend” from the NY Times and proposed to his (now) wife, Tracy McShane through a personal crossword puzzle.  Funny. Smart. Romantic. Yes, please!

5.) Live Performance

This proposal had it all, the romantic restaurant, soft music, perfect lighting…a camera crew…

In 2007, Tim and Jana, two fans of the show How I Met Your Mother won a contest to be extras on the set.  During one of the final scenes two characters are mistakenly brought  glasses of champagne with one containing an engagement ring.  During the rehearsals, a couple from behind pretend to be the extras who claim that it was for their table, but in the end and final filming, a surprise “It’s mine” came from Jim and he got down on one knee and proposed (off camera) to his girlfriend, Jana.

Obviously, not a dry eye in the studio!