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Dry Shampoo

OK, so no one likes waking up 30 minutes late after a night of drinking.  Have we mentioned that it’s a Wednesday morning? Having thick, but fine hair is not an easy job, particularly when you wake up with that heavy hangover from the night before and don’t feel like a shower.  However; even on a good day, I feel especially challenged with the hair God “blessed” me with.  A.) I wash my hair EVERY 24 hours B.) I can’t even do a good evening wash and have my hair “to par” by 2:30 in the afternoon the next day as I’m walking into my review meeting at work.

So what about those alcoholics who don’t have time to shower, or the perfect angels who can’t keep an non-greased lock after eight hours?

The answer is one step above baby powder and one step below rocket science.  It’s DRY SHAMPOO!

After asking suggestions on my Facebook page (naturally), I got mixed results (again, naturally).  From my thick corse-haired friends and peers, I had not-so-pleasant feedback on the product.  However, with my thin and finely-fine-haired buddies, it was nothing but praise.  The problem is, I have “combo hair”:

Thick (lots of it) fine (easily tangled) hair covers my scalp.

Sticking it to the man and praising the natural oils isn’t an option because it makes me lo

ok homeless.  On the other hand, baby powder makes my dark locks look gray and makes my scalp so dry that I ich like…you got it…a homeless person!

My recommendations is Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo.  It’s in-expensive and it smells good.  I received suggestions for product from some friends who apparently don’t have student loans, but I was able to find this ‘lil bottle for a good $15!  Well worth the replacement of a bottle of wine (yes I often drink <$15 bottles of wine-in fact $7 is actually my budget for a not-s0-good red; don’t hate).

So, there you have it.  No excuses.  The problem is resolved for those of us with combo hair who drink whole bottles of cheap wine on a Tuesday night!