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I usually use my Sundays to do all of the “domestic” things I need to do around the house…cleaning, ironing, and my absolute favorite: grocery shopping. Who would have thought that at 26 years old, I look forward to my Sunday trips to the grocery store? But I do. It’s meditative. It’s my “me time.” Some people go to the gym to work out for their “me time”, I go to buy things that make me have to work out.

During my most recent trip to my ‘promiseland of produce’, I ran into a co-worker. When I say “ran into,” I really mean, tucked my head and sped the grocery cart right past her in fear of being seen…but before I planned my get-a-way, I was able to glance in her cart o’ cuisine.
Now knowing that this is a mother of two pre-pubescent children, I would hope to see fruits and vegetables, some meat…probably some chips and snacks. But no, what did I see?
The cart was PILED HIGH of frozen dinners. I would list names, but I wish to not advertise these cardboard cuisines that the companies market as “food.”
I don’t have growing children at home (unless you count the boyfriend, which…well that’s a whole other story) but here I am with a cart full of fresh produce, meats, some whole grain pasta, and organic butter…and then there’s this mother who is filling her children with sodium and freeze dried “meat”. This is the same mother who would criticize her children for being obese.
Perhaps it’s a good thing that I avoided her, because I would hate to have to make a point NOT to look in her cart should a conversation strike.
Yes, I am one of those people who judges people by what groceries they buy.
So the next time you see me in the grocery store, know that I am peering in your cart.
I refuse to put into my body something that is served in a cardboard dish…and I would never feed my children something of the sort.
That just blows my skirt up.